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Monthly Archive: November 2007

Solace and Mash

After a nasty bout of coughs and colds Rob and I didn’t feel much like plodding through the mud to take the chicken poo to the composters at the allotment. All the plots are mostly ‘put to bed’ now with some of the plotholders covering all with plastic sheeting. However our spirits were lifted by the site of burgeoning sprouts, hearting up red and green cabbages, new shoots from the broad beans and green healthy looking Parsley still there for the picking. Even the beds which we have been gradually topping up with our own compost from the ‘daleks’ were looking neat and satisfying.

mashRob set to and dug up a couple of fine parsnips and a couple of leeks to take home and make into soup. We shall soon be as fit as fiddles. The visit gave us both a boost and we began to plan for next year with new vigour. I see that Thompson and Morgan are selling the seed potato Vivaldi. I have already ordered my seed potatoes for next year but think I shall have to order some of them, they make the best mash ever. Now if I am planning on ordering more seed potatoes I must have been inspired as we lost almost our whole crop to Blight this year.

And So To Bed

While Rob put down three more slabs and spread a few more bags of horse manure on plot 18 I carried on with putting plot 8 to bed. I cut down the Dhalias, put some well rotted manure over the bed then covered it with straw anchored down with the netting from the top of the old brassica cage. Then I pulled up all the Nasturtiums from around the salad cage. Next I cut off the runner beans at the roots and cleared the poles collecting some more seeds as I went. Finally I cut down the Cosmos which were as tough as old boots. I am not sure whether they will grow again from the same roots or if I will need to start again from seed. I shall definitely grow them again next year as they gave a beautiful show of colour and attracted the bees. Rob emptied a couple of the dalek composters and put the resulting compost over the beds. He said it was “good stuff”. Both the greenhouse and the lean to are empty now and all the old plants in the composters.