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Leek Musselburgh and Porbella

4th March – I have sown seeds of Leek Musselburgh and Porbella in a pot of damp compost and placed the pot into a polythene bag. I shall keep the pot inside in the warm until germination which could be 14-21 days. The plants are intended to be put at the allotment. We have had mixed success with Leeks over the years and I am using up old seed. I still have some seeds left but I think when I use them up next year I may give this veg a miss in future. We do like to cook with leeks but they are quite cheap to buy and a bit hit and miss to grow successfully.


  1. Catrina

    Hi Chris,
    Have you tried starting with the root of the ones you have eaten. You can even use the ones that you got from the store. Just cut off the bottom part with the roots and rebury it kind of deep.

    1. Chris (Post author)

      No I have never tried that. I have heard that you can do that with celery too.

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