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Viola Sororia Albiflora – White Wood Violet

I bought an addition to my longed for Viola collection today. It is the White Wood  Violet, Viola Albiflora. This is a herbaceous perennial plant with the leaves and flowers emerging directly from the rhizomes and forming a basal rosette. A mature plant may be 6″ across and 4″ high  with the flowers rising higher than the leaves. The leaves are heart shaped as on Freckles. The flowers of this form of Viola Sororia are white except for delicate violet lines radiating from the throat of the flower. There is no noticeable scent. They flower for about six weeks emerging  from mid to late spring according to the weather. During the summer cleistogamous flowers without petals produce seeds, which are flung outward by mechanical ejection from the three-parted seed capsules. The root system consists of thick, horizontally branched rhizomes with a tendency to form vegetative colonies. As they are woodland plants they prefer dappled shade.

NB. Cleistogamy is a type of automatic self-pollination of certain plants that can propagate by using non-opening, self-pollinating flowers. Especially well known in peanuts, peas, and beans, this behaviour is most widespread in the grass family. However, the largest genus of cleistogamous plants is actually Viola.

Remembering Adam – Viola Sororia Freckles 2017


Quite unlike any other variety, Viola Sororia Freckles bears violet, speckled flowers from spring through to summer. The blooms are carried above neat clumps of heart shaped foliage. This Violet will self-seed freely. Perfect for growing in containers or rockeries.

These tough little plants will seed themselves anywhere. They’re  strong like Adam was strong and they will be growing all over the garden along with lots of other Violas next year and every year in memory of my brave boy.





We went to our favourite garden centre yesterday. Just to take Libbie to see the horses and ducks. Came home with a pot of 10 runner bean plants, 2 melon plants and a hot pepper called Apache. We couldn’t resist a pot of sweet peas for £1 to add to the tepee and a  few flowers for the new pot at home.

We spent almost the whole day at the plot today and caught up with loads of jobs. As well as weeding and watering the new hot pepper plant has been potted on and is in the lean to. The melon plants, Ogen, which will eventually be in the new greenhouse, are for now sitting in the lean to. The runner beans have been planted as have the sweet peas. We finished the sprout cage and planted the red sprout plants into their final place.

melontomcathot pepper apacheThe first ten panes of glass have been put in the greenhouse. Tonight I have planted up the new pot at home. I planted a Begonia, Million Kisses, an ivy leaved Geranium called Tomcat, a small trailing Ivy and a scrambling alpine Viola called Papilio.


Viola Freckles 2007

viola seedhead2viola freckles

Today I sowed eight seeds of Viola Freckles collected from a seed head which I had kept from last year. I also sowed Parsnip Gladiator seeds in cardboard tubes (16). These had already been sprouted on some wet kitchen towel. I had to bring the courgette and the aubergine pots in as it has been much too cold out in the greenhouse for them. I must remember next time to germinate them indoors or wait until later in the season to sow them.