The Flower Bed, Keith and his Parsnips.

One of the first things we did on our plot was to make a flower bed in front of the lean to. Rob had made a raised bed with wood and I planted in some Lupin plants I had started at home from seed. As we cleared Trevor’s plot I found a few other flowers and put them into the bed. Today I finally got round to weeding the bed again and noticed that all the plants are looking very healthy. There are the Lupins, Alstromerias, Gypsophylia, Michaelmas Daisies and a few Statis.

Rob went down to the plot on his own yesterday and as well as taking the canes out of the bean trellis he weeded all the empty beds and tidied the raised Rhubarb bed and made it secure with wooden stakes. This morning was quite mild for November and the site was busy. We got to speak to Keith about the two cutting we took from his bonfire. He said it was OK and confirmed that they were Black Currant. We asked Keith about his Carrot bins and whether he grew his Parsnips the same way. Apparently he grows them direct in to the bed and proved how good they were by giving us three to bring back with us to try. Keith is a real character and is very fit at seventy nine. He was telling us about his wife Lil, who is eighty one, and after a very active life had a stroke and is now dependent on him for help. She is the reason he is giving up his second plot which we will hopefully take on next year. On the way home we again stopped at the park to collect more leaves for the chicken run. The remembrance service was taking place at the small war memorial there and the whole place was glorious in the golden glow of the leaves.