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Monthly Archive: December 2006

Still More Rain, Snowballs and Sprouts – 2006

sproutsWe visited the plot yesterday to put the chicken poo in the compost. It was very windy and wet. We harvested our first sprouts and were amazed at the toughness of the stalk. First a gentle tug then a mighty pull followed by a hacking with a knife all to no avail. Feeling great empathy with the old lady and the giant turnip we gave one last heave and at last it came up and Rob fetched a spade to slice the root from the stalk. Today I had the much easier job of cooking them along with a couple of snowball turnips and we both agreed that they were very tasty and would pass muster for Christmas dinner.

Having Fun in The Wind and The Rain – 2006

Although we have made almost daily visits to the plot there has been nothing worth writing about until today. Our fruit plants finally arrived from Ken Muir on Monday. We had fitted netting over the top of the fruit cage on Sunday so typically the plants arrived the day after. Rob did a fine impression of Quasimodo this afternoon in order to plant the two minarettes, two gooseberry bushes and twelve free strawberry plants in the fruit cage. The two Rhubarb plants had to be put into a pot in the cold greenhouse ready to be planted out in the Spring. The weather was very wet and the wind was whistling accross the allotments but we managed to enjoy ourselves nevertheless. Exciting moment of the day – We spotted two little green seedling in the Sweet Pea pots in the greenhouse.