Crock Pot or Crackpot

It has been a very windy week to say the least. Our plans today were just to take the chicken poo and put it on the bean trench and have a burn up then come home. It was still really windy and we were lucky not to have too much damage, others weren’t so lucky. The lean to is just about holding together so we are hoping for calmer weather to come. We did our planned jobs then went over to the new plot with the tape measure to give us some idea how we would plan the potato planting. The second plot is more square than our original one and measures approximately 42′ square. There is also a small triangular fruit bed but we have told Keith he can keep that for now as he has it planted up with black currant bushes. Joe called us over and gave us three Gooseberry roots and Rob planted them in the fruit cage.

After pulling a couple of Leeks, a swede and a turnip for the chicken casserole we came home windswept but happy. The boys had bought me a crock pot for my birthday so we put the chicken and veg in there and settled down to plan the planting of the new plot. I am not sure if there was a hidden message in their choice of the present, crock pot is very close to crackpot after all. 17th March 2017 Update – My crockpot is no more. After ten years of loyal service I managed to drop a glass on top of it and it broke. I shall use the crock for drainage but the jury is out on the warming element. Might be useful for bottom heat for seedlings.