Brussel Sprout Bedford Fillbasket

Twenty seeds and a few for good luck planted in modules in damp compost and covered in clingfilm. We only have six stems of sprouts left from last season and I can only hope that the produce from these seeds is as tasty as they have been.

We popped to the plot at lunch time just to take the daily chicken poo which we raked over the new brassicca bed. It was very cold and windy. Cut a Brocolli head and a few leaves of Kale for tonight’s meal. I covered the carrot bin with plastic to warm the soil a little in readiness for sowing the early carrots. Saw signs of the peas and broad beans coming through the cold soil.

At home the peas, sprouted and sown in a pot in the greenhouse,are showing through as are the courgettes, which I brought back inside. One melon seedling, sown on the 17th of February, is pushing through and one lonely yellow tomato seed is making a grand effort.

Primo and Offenham ll cabbages are through but no sign of white ballhead. A bit of a pattern emerging here. No sign of seeds purchased from ‘’ germinating. All those from Alan Romans have proved good so far.