Berry Colourful Day

Today was fine and the allotments were busy. We had a list of jobs to get through and the sun broke through the clouds early on to help us along. The first job was to dig over and lime the bean trench, the new brassica bed, the sweetcorn bed and the salad bed. Then we dug over a new bed next to the overwintering onions to sow some seeds. We managed to get sixty five red onion seeds in. The rest of the bed is intended for parsnips and perhaps some carrots. We planted the cranberry plants, £2.49 from Woollies, in the same bin with the blueberries, there are now six blueberry plants and four cranberry plants in there. We have secured them under a wire netting frame to keep off the birds.

blueberrycranberryWe planted a new red currant bush in the fruit cage, as our original two don’t seem to be showing any signs of life.  It was a £2 bargain from Wilkos, covered in fresh new green leaves. Whilst checking on everything in the lean to I discovered that one of the rhubarb roots had rotted away and was just feeling sorry for myself when Gordon popped his head in and gave me a tray of small lettuce plants. You win some, you lose some as the saying goes. I have spotted some rhubarb roots in Wilkos for £2 so I can pick one up next time. The root I lost was from Ken Muir and cost about £5.50. C’est la vie.