Busy, busy, busy

Added to the fact that┬áthe internet has been down for the last couple of days we have been really busy at the plots┬áso haven’t had time to keep up the weblog. Significantly we have completed laying paths and setting up beds ready for planting. The new brassica cage is now complete and the Jersey Walking Stick Cabbages, various caulis and cabbages have been planted in there. Four rows of Barlotti beans have been sown in two different locations on plot 8. The tomatoes and cucumbers have been potted on in the lean to with one or two in their final large pots. The lettuce and raddish in the lean to will soon be ready to harvest. The black currants over on plot 18 are covered in fruit buds and all the fruit in the fruit cage on plot 8 is coming along really well, even the two yellow gooseberrys that we were sure were dead.

At home the new fruit trees are in blossom.

cherry blossom