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A Mild Sunny Evening

Rob was back at work very early this morning and came home tired so after a late breakfast he went to bed for a couple of hours. The evening was mild and still sunny and the chickens looked like they were planning a late night so we decided to go down to the plot. The place was deserted by all but the birds who were darting about thinking they had the place to themselves. Rob did a bit of weeding and I tried a bit of a rescue mission on the beans. There has been no rain worth mentioning for weeks now and the ground was dry, too dry I think for planting the leggy bean plants, and to prove the point they had flopped over and some of the leaves were dried out by the cool wind cutting across the site. I put my plan into action, namely to sow a few more beans seeds in pots in the lean to and also to push a few in alongside the sad looking plants. The lean to is looking very productive at the moment and I added the Aubergine Violette plants, which I had started at home, to the rest.

In the lean to