Butternut Squash and Red Melon

butternut squashBecause of work and other commitments we haven’t been able to go down to the plot for a couple of days and we are both having withdrawal symptoms. A few days ago I sowed seeds of Butternut Squash and already a strong looking shoot has emerged. All I have to do now is nurture it until it is a good strong plant. I have never grown, bought or eaten this vegetable before so I have a lot to learn. Butternut Squash has an elongated pear like shape. The skin is gold in colour with deeper orange flesh. They mature in late autumn.

Another little miracle is the emergence of two seedling from a couple of black seeds I fished out of a piece of red melon in a bought mixed fruit salad. It will be interesting to see what comes of them, if anything. I already have a small seedling from a yellow melon seed saved from a fruit I bought and I have sowed a couple more. I love melon but think they may be difficult to grow and need more expertise than I have.