Kev and Angie Come To Visit

Ken and Ange got the guided tour from Rob and went away with a leek and a cabbage plus some eggs we brought from home. We had a load of wood chip delivered so we cleared the paths round the black currant bed and put some down there. Still some work to do but it looks tidier. We also brought some home to put on to the side garden. We put the last of the peas in around the brassica cage and gave everything a good watering. It is supposed to rain every day this week and everyone at the plots will breathe a sigh of relief if it does. I put the last few sweet pea plants around the tepee to fill in the gaps as we had lost a few of the original ones. The sweet corn is now planted in an 8×8 bed and the baby corn has been planted in the salad cage. I did a bit of work in the lean to, potting on and watering mostly. The lettuce plants are hearting up well now and we have eaten quite a few of the raddish. I shall have to sow more seeds. I think I shall put them in the lean to again as they grew so well there.