Spring Rain

I got up this morning at 6.30 and everything was fresh and green after some long awaited rain. Our plan today is to build a cage for the sprouts with some netting that Rob bought from B&M in Dudley. We fetched some strong canes from the Allotment shop on Saturday and have loads of plastic ties. We also plan to bag up a load more wood chip both for the plots and for home. At home Jemima is once again nest building so after the disaster of her last attempt I have taken two eggs and put them under our beautiful black silkie broody Velvet. Jemima will now be left to her own devices with not even a peep in the nest to put her off. We spent a good four hours at the plot and stayed in the shed drinking coffee during the one and only heavy shower. After the rain I sowed a couple of rows of Parsley, plain and curly, in the salad bed, and three rows of cabbage, Red Rubra, Primo II and Offenham Flower of Spring, in the nursery bed. We built the cage around the sprout bed and finished getting up the weeds from the paths on plot 18 and putting down a thick layer of wood chip.

parsley plain