Brassica Massacre

A late visit to the plot today. Rob went straight over to plot 18 to finish sowing his seed bed. He has sown twelve rows of mixed seeds with the peas still at home sprouting and waiting to finish off his masterpiece. On one side of his Marigold he has sown parsnips, cauli, carrots and 2 kinds of  cabbages and in the other half 2 kinds of lettuce, beetroot, spring onions and white raddish.

After a quick check and water in the lean to I took a tour around plot 8 only to find massacre in the old brassica cage. There were only a few cabbages left to harvest any way as the broccoli and the kale that was left had gone to seed but everything was covered with a layer of  black something. I quickly rescued what I could and put everything else into large platic bags. We shall have to dismantle the old brassica cage now. Not sure exactly what happened but perhaps we shouldn’t have left anything that had gone to seed as it could have attracted the enemy which I think may be the cabbage aphid.

I put the first application of feed on the larger tomato plants. 2/3rds of a cap into two gallons of water proved a bit tricky with a 10 litre watering can as I am not too good at converting so in my own inimitable fashion I plumped for half a cap in 10 litres and hoped for the best. There is still no signs of harvest from the potatoes. Can’t wait!!