Pink Jasmine

 pink jasmine

Jasminum Beesianum is also known as pink jasmine. This vine, which can grow up to 15′ high, is native to Southwestern China. Its foliage is evergreen to semi-decidious depending on the climate. This jasmine is not powerfully scented but is slightly fragrant. Flowers can be pink or pink-red. Rob bought one of these for me and we had put it in the lean to at the allotment to come on a bit. It is now at home planted in a display pot with a trellis. We plan to put it at the front of the house.

I am already in the habit of saving all egg shells, baking them and crushing them with a pestle and mortar to feed back to the chickens for added calcium. Now the chickens have to share as I sometimes add the crushed egg shells to compost for seedlings and my latest experiment is encircling the young brassica plants. Slugs and snails don’t like walking on egg shells.