New Potatoes and Strawberries 2007

It has been a very hot day today and we weren’t able to get down to the plot till this evening. Too late to save the aubergine, pepper, pumpkin and brassica seedlings in the small plastic greenhouse. Even though I stood them all in some sun warmed water I think we have lost them. On a brighter note the seed I sowed in the courgette bed had germinated and looked good. There was great excitement as we dug up the first of our International Kidney and Lady Christl. Rob was more pleased with the ones he had planted in pots as they were easy to harvest and came out very clean. Much to my surprise there were more potatoes per plant from the pots.

potatoesI planted the butternut squash plant where the potatoes had been. I have protected it with a cloche until it is established. I gave everything in the lean to a water as it was very dry in there. There are quite a few flowers now and one tiny tomato formed on the Ildie. In readiness for tomorrow we dismantled the old brassica cage. I shall be glad when we have the new greenhouse transported to the plot. It sounds like a bit of a tall order. We took the protective netting from around the sweet pea teepee so we could enjoy the flowers so I hope we don’t lose too many to the pigeons. We harvested our first real haul of strawberries. The slugs had got to a few of them but we still had enough for a lovely dish each for the three of us tonight. The leeks are now installed in their permanent bed. We came home with cabbage, potatoes, broad beans, carrotts, onions, lettuce and strawberries.