Judgement Day

We both got soaked to the skin today but came home laden with produce. A lovely bag of Charlotte potatoes hardly touched by the blight, four meals worth of peas and a bowl of salad leaves. The view in the lean to was heartbreaking as the cucumbers had been attacked by blackfly and mildew and the whole bed was a sea of yellow leaves. I set about cutting off all the offending leaves and gave the blackfly a blast with insecticide. When I had finished the plants looked naked but ready to fight another day. The tomatoes just needed tidying up a bit and side shoots removing. There were lots of fruit on the tomatoes and the beginnings of fruit on the aubergines. Trevor told us the local council judges had been to inspect the plot yesterday as we had been entered into the newcomers class . Its too much to hope that they didn’t peep into the lean to so I dread to think what they thought. On the whole the plots are looking quite productive despite the terrible weather and the blight.