Barlotti or Borlotti?

pretty beans IIbeansbar

I was given some seeds for these lovely beans by the previous plot holder and have grown them this year for the first time. I am not sure of the correct name for the ones I have but on doing a google I came up with the above. Well wether they are Barlotti or Borlotti I like them. The ones I have are dwarf  in habit but I think you can also get taller ones and I intend to try and get some seeds for next year. They are so pretty both on the plant and when shelled and they taste just great, very tender when picked young and I understand when dried can be used in many ways. I have harvested some and intend to freeze them. I did try them in the shells and cooked them as you would cook runner bean or french beans but found to be a little stringy. I prefer to shell them and mix them with a few peas and young broad beans. Yummy!