Hi Ho Hi Ho – White Onion

We dragged Sean down to parade round the lotty last night. He made all the right noises and said ooh at the right time so all was well. Poor lad. It was very hard going today as the sun was beating down and there was no breeze at all. Most of the plot holders were trying to sort out exhibits for the sandwell show and we were lucky to be given a reject parsnip which if we had grown it we would have considered superb. They were measuring their runner beans to match a perfect set while we were picking another bowl full to take home for eating and freezing. I don’t think we are cut out for the show life but we shall go to support the local one next weekend.

white onionsnow white 2Keith had harvested his onions and they were laid out to dry in the sun. They were silky smooth, snow white and enormous. Whoops, sounds like a line up for a Disney film. We started by watering the bean trench then weeded it before picking the beans. Rob then moved on to the fruit cage and did a stirling job of weeding while I moved on to the watering. Everything was desparate for water and it was no easy task to keep walking to the butts and carrying the water to the plants. I was tempted to jump in and have a cool down myself. We watered the pumpkin, the melon and the butternut squash plants on plot 18 then finally covered another empty bed with weed supressant and came home hot but definitely not bothered to a hot drink, a nice snack and a bath.