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Rob’s Birthday 2007

Today was Rob’s 40th birthday and we had a great day. The boys bought him some new tools, a fork, a spade and a hoe so he was really pleased. We went down to the allotment to test them out. Rob dug up a few more rows of potatoes and the yield was terrible. Most of them were honeycombed and rotten. There are still loads to dig up but I know his heart is not in it as he knows they will be no good. On the positive side we did come home with quite a bit of stuff. A small white cabbage, broad beans, runner beans, Barlotti beans, beetroot, parsnips and tomatoes. I picked quite a few cobs from the sweetcorn, both the larger Tender and Sweet and the baby corn. They both seem ready so I shall harvest the rest soon and put them in the freezer.

Last night was the Wollescote show and we had a nice evening. Rob won a hip flask in the raffle and bought himself a birthday cake in the auction. We bumped into Charmaine and Louis Redding who I have known for some time and who have just taken on plot 1. They seem really keen and have already dug over the plot and tidied it up no end.


Rob took his camera to the allotment and captured a few of the Marigolds on plot 18. The seeds he sowed over there have all done really well so that compensates in a way for the potatoes that we lost. We planted the raspberry plant that Cath and Gra gave us and harvested the damsons on the Merryweather tree at home. Hope to have enough for at least a couple of jars of jam next year though.