Sticky Visitors

A late visit and the plots were deserted. I ventured into the sprout cage to tidy up and was greeted by a cloud of whitefly. The plants were covered with sticky mess and had obviously been acting as a maternity suite for the dreaded pest. I plodded through taking off the lower leaves and the ones that were coated with black eggs. When I came out I sprayed the plants with the only thing to hand which was house plant insect spray. I think the usual treatment is soapy solution and I can see why. When I got home I had to dump my clothes in the washing machine and immerse myself in some soapy solution of my own.


Adult Whitefly are small, white, waxy winged insects that fly off the plant as soon as they are disturbed. They tend to stay close together and often congregate at the top of the plant.

Rob and I harvested the last of the sweetcorn and cleared the bed. We also dug up all the Autumn King carrots from plot 18. Although we harvested quite a few tomatoes the plants are looking very sad and I am tempted to compost them all soon.