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The Tunnel is Go

ribsWell, we were lucky and the weather was good for us to start the tunnel this morning. After a few adjustments to our original plans we have sunk in the base tubes and put up the six plastic tubing arches. So far so good. We came home aching but happy. Its not easy to measure lengths of headstrong plastic tubing when it just wants to coil itself back into the foetal position. The potatoes that we started in the pop up rubbish bags from the pound shop are doing well and we have moved them out of the lean to and on to the plot. I have tidied the lean to and dug it over in readyness for the Carmen Cucumber. The plant is already 2′ high now so I will have to take it soon. I have started another one just in case of a disaster but if the first one gets on ok I may keep the second one in the plastic greenhouse in the garden at home.