Blossoming May

The first day of Rob’s week off and a busy one. I was awake early first cleaning out the brooding box where the chicks are growing fast. Then watering all the plants still at home and getting those that had to go to the allotment ready for travel. As soon as it was light I was outside feeding the chickens, ducks, cats, rabbits and fish and cleaning them up. Although it was raining the rain was warm and gentle and no problem.

Last week we changed our television and had promised our old one to a friend of ours so after breakfast Rob and Glenn delivered it and Glenn stayed to help set it up while Rob came back and picked me up to go to the plots. We loaded the poo buckets and the plants into the car and spent a few hours down there. We have now planted about 36 runner bean plants and this year have rigged up some fleece protection from the cutting wind that blows across the site. Two courgette plants are in the hot bed and the last butternut squash plant is in place. Rob planted 8 cauliflowers over on plot 18 and the rest are in the lean to waiting for the completion of the tunnel. The potatoes which we set into bags are all doing well with lots of growth and these had to be topped up with compost. I had a little go at the weeds in the flower bed and saw that all the flowers were growing great.

DanielThis is a photograph of Daniel who Rob met on his walk, he is a postman, and who wanted to see the chicks. As the picture shows Daniel had his wish as the chicks made a special visit to see him.