The Heart Will Go On

It seems that the more that I have to write about the less time I have to write. We have had a few days of really warm dry weather and so the main task for everyone on the site has been watering in new plants. Both plots are looking tidy with plenty of planting and sowing going on. The ongoing battle with the weeds is in full flow and the compost bins are filling up fast.

lilacBack at home most of the plants that had been started in the house are now in the greenhouse in the garden or already in place at the plots. The window ledge in the computer room is still full with three Aubergine and four Pepper plants but the plastic greenhouse which was in here has gone and so has the broody box as the chicks have moved out into a pen in the garden so it is quite tidy by my standards. Outside in the garden the lilac is in full flower and looking beautiful.


On Sunday we sowed more Broad Bean Violetta and six rows of Dwarf Bean Borlotto on plot 18. I have sowed the French Beans, The Prince and Tender and True, in pots to get them started while we prepare the beds over on plot 8. I also have 16 Runner Bean Scarlet Emperor started in pots ready to finish the planting in the bean trench. The two Tomato Ildie are now in place in the lean to and two Tomato Roma are settled into the shell of the small plastic greenhouse in front of the shed. Eight Tomato Gardeners Delight are planted outside in front of the shed in the old nursery bed so I am hoping last nights cold hasn’t got to them. I have sown seeds of various flowers around the plots to brighten the place up and to attract bees and butterflies. here is a cool breeze this morning with a promise of rain tomorrow and we are planning to visit the plots this evening when Rob has had a rest after work.

On Saturday night we went to see Celine Dion at the NIA in Birmingham. The tickets were a Christmas present from Adam. The whole thing was an amazing experience.

Finally a special message for my Nephew Matthew who has had a brilliant report from school and an award for his work in Graphics. Well done Matt. We are all very proud of you.