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Daily Archive: June 13, 2008

I Spotted a Roaming Zebra


No. The circus hasn’t come to town. For a week I have been trying off and on to find the site of the weblog of the young couple who were the last to take on a plot at Bob’s Coppice. Then I had a flash of inspiration, if they had seen our weblog then their url would be in the statistics for our site, and there they were with just a forward slash and a wp at the end to confuse the search engines. Their address in now in my blogroll and they are well worth a read. Though it is a new site they are obviously not so new at growing as they have a thriving garden at home. They have very kindly given us a Chillie Pepper plant and after reading through their site I am wondering if it is a Pinocchios Nose as I see that they had some of those. I have it at home on the window sill so it will be interesting to see what develops.