Tunnel Mkll

second tunnel on plot 8It was a beautiful day today and all the plot holders were out in force. We arrived late at 10.30am determined to complete the second tunnel and get the new brassica plants in before we came home. Things were going great and got even better when we were given two sturdy posts by the brothers to use as end strengtheners on the door end of the tunnel. We found a Cabbage White butterfly hiding in the netting and sent her on her way with a warning not to come back and lay her eggs in the new brassica plants. We still have the base boards to put in around the bottom edges but decided to put in the brassica plants as they were getting pot bound. I planted 18 Cauliflower All Year Round, 9 Cabbage Hispi and 9 Cabbage Savoy.

Tunnel one is doing its job and we have harvested some good stuff from there. Roy and Jan paid us a visit and went home with a few goodies including a bunch of carrots from the carrot bin, a cabbage, a courgette, a cauli, a swede and potatoes plus a jar of black currant jam we had taken for Keith but were too late as he is an early starter and had already left when we got there.

tomato sungold

Back at home we picked the first of the tomatoes. They were from the Sungold plant which has grown like mad and is now higher than the perimeter fence of the chicken run . We stood the tomato plants in tubs all around the chicken run, outside ofcourse, as last year we couldn’t get to the allotment every day and so couldn’t water regularly. Having them at home as been much easier.