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Monthly Archive: November 2008

Galanthus Nivalis – Snowdrop


The Common Snowdrop – They are extraordinarily hardy and can be depended on to flower very early whatever the weather,  the colder and gloomier it is, the longer the blooms last. Best planted in light shade. They will grow in most soils but make the best plants in heavier moist conditions. They are most successfully transplanted while growing in the green. Bulbs often take a season to settle down before flowering.

I have planted up some Snowdrops in the big blue pot by the back door. I have planted these before in the area around the pond but they were spoiled by the ducks and the chickens as soon as they popped their green shoots through the soil. I am hoping that they will have a fighting chance to multiply in the pot and then I will make another attempt to put some in the garden. We only have the two ducks and little YuYu the minature Silkie in the garden now as the bulk of the chickens are restricted to the trellised off area.

We made a quick visit to the plots this morning to take the chicken poo. We put it all on the top of the bean trench hoping that the worms will dig it in for us. I finally put the Dahlias to bed by cutting them off at about two inches above ground then covering them with straw to protect them from the wet and the frost. They really needed digging up and splitting this year but we just haven’t had time.

Garden Birds Brighten up A Grey Day

It’s grey, foggy and cold outside this morning so, after making sure that all the pets are fed and comfortable, to cheer myself up I have ordered the seed potatoes for next year. I am using Alan Romans again as we have always received reliable quality goods from them. I have ordered one bag of Charlotte, three bags of International Kidney and three bags of Vivaldi. We have grown them all before so no surprises. They are first and second earlies so they should be up before any risk of Blight. Despite the greyness of the day there was plenty of colour and entertainment in the garden this morning as the birds were busy feeding.