Cucumber Carmen F1

I42-17828040.jpgI am determined to have a more successful crop from this cucumber this year. I plan to put the plants on the least draughty side of the lean to with some extra protection as I have read that draught can be a killer for cucumber. I have read somewhere that John Innes number 3 compost is the best mix so I shall put three mounds of that in readiness along the lean to border. I shall bury an upturned plastic bottle with the bottom cut off alongside the mound so that water goes directly to the roots in order to avoid neck rot. I am sowing the first seed this week and then one in April and one in May. I have three seeds left only. The first seed will be sown in a small pot of moist John Innes seed sowing compost and given a bit of bottom heat. Germination should be within 7-10 days. Update – seedling through today at 4 days and on Libbie’s fourth birthday. She sowed the seed so I hope she brings it some luck.