Runner Bean Kelvedon Stringless & White Lady

white ladyThe runner bean seeds went in today; one tray of Kelvedon Stringless and one of White Lady. All the seeds were saved from last years crop. Runner beans seem to be the easiest crop to collect seeds from and so after the first year don’t cost a bean as it were. Both varieties are prolific and you have to keep an eye on them at harvest time. They are best picked young and tender and they do freeze well so don’t let them grow too big, except of course those that you want to collect next years seed from. White Lady – Generally reckoned to be one of the best available runner beans producing a heavy crop of tasty, stringless pods with white seeds. The white flowers are not prone to bird damage and the variety sets well, even during periods of hot weather making it ideal for late sowings. info from kelvedon stringless 

Kelvedon Stringless – Disease resistant, early and high yielding, producing delicious stringless pods about 10″ long.  Maturing 12-16 weeks from sowing. info from Dobies