Broccoli Romanesco


Today I sowed six seeds of the Broccoli Romanesco. I have tried them before but only managed to get one to mature. Matures in around 85 Days; late Autumn/early Winter. Romanesco has a taste and texture exceeding the finest broccoli and to really appreciate the flavour it should be boiled or stir fried and served with melted butter. Sow seeds in a well raked, firm seed bed in late spring,½” deep and keep moist. Sowing can also be made under glass at this time. Transplant the seedlings 18″ apart when they have made 2-3 true leaves. For best results grow in a rich, fertile soil and water regularly. Calabrese and Broccoli contain many healthy antioxidants. They are high in Vitamin A and C and are a good source of iron. information from Thompson & Morgan.