Cauliflower Snowball

Six seeds of the Cauliflower Snowball went into a root trainer today and will be germinated in cool conditions. I had sown the seeds and was desperately short of an elastic band to secure the plastic root trainer. I had the great idea of looking outside for a couple of those red ones the postman is always dropping in the street. One of my neighbours was taking her daughter to school and I saw them looking over at me scouring the floor so I explained to them what I was up to. Imagine my surprise when a few minutes later the door bell rang and there was little Amelia with just what I needed saying, “I found it for you.” What a sweetheart!

Cauliflower is a cool-season crop it thrives in temperatures between 14°C-20°C. Time the planting of cauliflower so the crop does not mature in hot weather as hot weather will stunt heads. For an Autumn crop sow seed in early to mid-summer. Plant fast-maturing cauliflower varieties in spring or Autumn. Any variety that requires more than 80 days to mature should be planted for Autumn harvest. Purple varieties are both heat and cold tolerant.

cauliflower snowball

Snowball is a heritage variety from the l800’s with compact growth of medium size pure white heads, mild flavour, excellent keeper and suitable cooked, raw or frozen. Sow early Spring Harvest Autumn.

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Tip – Apply a foliar feed during Summer. Cauliflower plants respond very well to this as more nutrients are absorbed than by feeding at the roots