Cabbage Frosty, Kilaxy and Greyhound

Eight seeds each in moist compost in modules covered with a plastic lid and placed on the computer box for a little warmth. As soon as they show their heads they will go outside to grow on in cooler conditions. Cabbage Kilaxy is an F1 Hybrid. These seeds were sent to me free by John Harrison with a copy of his book.

cabbage Kilaxy

Has shown a very high resistance to clubroot in trials and produced an excellent crop.It can be grown at closer spacing and has dense uniform heads of good colour with tender leaves and sweet flavour. The seeds that were in a brown envelope marked Frosty the Cabbage were given to me by Debs, our Sean’s girl, but the only brassica I can find information about is a Kale called Frosty, so I can only assume that that is what they are. Time will tell.

Kale Frosty

Winter vegetables don’t come any hardier than Frosty! It produces plenty of tasty greens even in the harshest of winters. The leaves are delicious steamed and served with a knob of butter and freshly ground pepper. 

Cabbage Greyhound is a tasty pointed cabbage, the seeds of which I bought in our first year at the allotment so they need using up. This early summer pointed cabbage can be successionally sown to give delicious green hearts for many weeks. A reliable performer with a great taste.

Tip – An important point to remember when growing cabbage is that transplanting is necessary. Planting out seedlings from pots or seed beds encourages a stronger root system to be established in their permanent bed.