A Productive Week

Robs week off is almost at an end and we have done most of the jobs we wanted to do despite the heavy rain that fell most of last week.  Yesterday and today have been much warmer with brilliant sunshine. The pumpkin bed has been dug and planted up. Twenty six brassicas have been planted and another cage built to house the plants ordered from Marshalls. The first of the Butternut Squash is in place. All the runner beans are in. More seeds have been sown. All in all it has been a very productive week. The heavy rain was helpful in one respect as the ground has been very soft and so easier to hammer in the wooden lathes we needed in the building of the new fruit cage. We have used strong plastic tubes to build the side walls and attached the plastic covered wire netting that the original cage was made of. This will enable the bees and butterflies to get in and the finer netting on the top will keep out the birds whilst being easily visible to them so they don’t get tangled in it. Some fruit cages are covered in almost invisible netting which can snare a bird. The bottom edge has been built up with panels from our old fence from home just to stop weeds from creeping into the cage and stop the strawberry runners from straying onto the path. The wooden lathes have been used inside and out to strengthen the side panels and capture the netting. This morning we started to put the main net covering on the top. My brother has found us some nine foot steel rods which we have used at several points to strengthen the main construction. Hopefully we shall be finishing the top netting this evening when it will be a little cooler.