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Monthly Archive: June 2009


strawberry.jpgWe went down to the plots last night at about eight o clock to do a bit of watering and came home with a lettuce, some radishes and a bowl piled high with strawberries. We ate quite a lot after tea and I prepared eight boxes for the freezer. They are lovely again this year and we have about five different varieties some bought and some donated by friends.

Pak Choi

pak choiAll the Pak Choi seedlings, that I started from seed saved from last year, are now in the ground at the plots in various places where ever I could find the space. They surprised me with the numbers of seeds that germinated successfully. Last season we never got to eat any as they all bolted so I am hoping for better results this year. Tender green stems and dark green leaves. A quick growing oriental vegetable. Use baby leaves raw in salads or allow to grow a bit bigger for use in stir fry.

Brussels Sprouts Maximus F1

maximusRob has built yet another brassica cage and last night he planted up all the cabbages, cauliflowers and Brussels Sprouts. The cage is built with eye catching red netting given to us by my son Sean and it looks great. The sprout plants were bought from D T Brown in Newmarket and are an F1 hybrid called Maximus. We have never grown this variety before. Sturdy plants with good disease resistance Brussels Sprout Maximus produces a high yield of excellent quality smooth, sweet buttons harvesting from September to February.