Blight Warning Blues 2009

Today we have received a warning of Blight in our area. As Rob is working all day today we wont be able to get down to the plots to rescue the potatoes and tomatoes. The weather today is dry and sunny for a change. The past few weeks have been miserable with loads of torrential rain which is not too bad for the allotment but terrible for the back garden as it sits on clay and the water just collects and takes ages to dry out so keeping the chickens and ducks clean has been an ongoing slog. After Saturday Rob has two weeks off work so we shall be able to catch up on jobs at home and at the plots. It will be mostly harvesting and weeding and getting the beds ready for the Winter. We have quite a few brassicas coming along nicely to harvest now and hopefully over the Winter. The runner beans are producing like mad and we have beetroot and carrots to harvest too. The last time we were down there we saw a row of lettuce which will probably be ready by the weekend.


There is a lot of Rhubarb ready to pull and I think we shall be giving some away as I am running out of freezer space. I have made Rhubarb jam and a couple of crumbles already. However it is very tasty and I think another crumble is on the cards for tonight.

I think we have come to the conclusion that working the allotments is hard work and that everything seems to come at once. Whether an extra freezer is the answer or getting rid of one of the plots next year. It is probably just bad organisation on our part. At the moment it seems like its all or nothing as far as produce goes. Oh dear I think this Blight warning as put me into a negative mood.

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