Temptation – More Seeds

Today I gave in and bought some seeds. I had already been to Netto and bought the Parsnip seeds that I had planned to buy for 19p but today bought four packets on impulse from Sainsburys. A pack of six mixed squash, sweetcorn, leeks and climbing¬†beans. In my defence they are all varieties that I don’t have in my box¬†of plenty but I could have lived without them.

beanbluelakeimagesClimbing Bean Blue Lake has white seeds and pods are Stringless when young. It is a vigorous climber producing round fleshy dark green pods. Sowings can be made indoors in April and outdoors from May to early July. Update 26th March, the seeds have been sown in modules.

Leek Real from Johnsons Healthy Harvest range should be high yielding with good white shanks and can be sown from January indoors. It is said to be disease resistant so we will give it a try this year.

Sweetcorn Sweet Bounty F1 is a new one to us which we shall sow outdoors in May.

Winter Squash Table Queen is a dark green acorn variety for harvesting August to October and is said to be the best squash for baking.

Rolet produces smaller cricket ball sized fruits. The pack also contains Pumpkin Jack ‘o’ Lantern, Turks Turban, Sweet Dumpling and a F1 Butternut. I have found Squash great fun to grow so am looking forward to these.