Having decided not to spend too much this year and to use both saved seeds and seeds purchased in previous seasons I have already noticed that the new seed does indeed perform better than old in most things, not just with parsnips, which I already knew about. I sowed two varieties of Brussells Sprouts and although the new packet of seed, Evesham Special, germinated as expected, and are already moved into deeper pots, the Noisette, which were older seeds have only managed three very weedy seedlings so far. The same has happened with the Tomatoes which are all previous seasons seed. My previous enthusiasm for using up the whole packet of seed by keeping them over until the following season has waned somewhat. I think that maybe this doesn’t apply to tougher seeds like runner beans, squash and pumpkins but time will tell.

The cheap seeds, purchased from Netto 19p,Lidl 29p, Aldi 39p and Alan Romans 50p have always performed well for me but they only stock limited varieties so it looks as though if I want anything a bit different I may have to pay the price from the bigger seed suppliers. I hate waste though so I know I won’t be able to throw away the rest of the seeds in the packet after I have used what I need so my seed box will probably stay full.