They’re In – Mantis Stolen

We have been lucky in that since we moved onto the site there has been no vandalism. Until now that is. Rob and I arranged to meet at the plot at two o clock to plant a few seeds etc. When we arrived we found that the place had been vandalised and the big metal shed broken into and our lovely new Mantis Tiller stolen along with everyone else’s. How they gained access to the big shed, which is a big metal container like the ones used on big ships to transport goods, I can’t imagine. It had very hefty padlocks etc. but still they managed it so must have come prepared and had a large vehicle to transport all their spoils. Sheds were ransacked and tools stolen. Our brassica tunnel, which we had spent time restoring after the snow, had been kicked over. The site is not insured as the chairman and the treasurer do not feel it worth it but we feel that knowing the items were insured would have helped that sick feeling we had last night.

However, also in are the first of the Charlotte potatoes planted in bags. A row of Parsnip Hollow Crown, a row of Beetroot Boltardy and two rows of Pea Meteor. I scattered some seeds of Carrot Early Nantes and Carrot Eskimo in the big carrot bin too. The robbers did leave us a few old tools that were obviously not up to their standard for selling on.