Wednesday, April 14 – After weeks of reduced activity, Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland erupted beneath its glacier ice cap, which by midmorning was spewing out a substantial stream of steam and ash. By midday the surrounding rivers had risen by 10 ft and a plume of ash had risen through the air to four miles in the sky. Guardian.

Here in my small world I have seen some beautiful dry days and signs of Spring everywhere. However 20,000 feet up the UK is covered by the volcanic ash cloud that has drifted over from Iceland. Down at the allotment the only things flying in the sky are the pair of buzzards that often glide and screech overhead as we are working. There have been no planes in the sky at all for about a week as flying conditions are dangerous in the ash cloud.  The small birds are oblivious to the dangers and are busy nest building and hopping about to catch the worms that we disturb when we are digging.



Common Buzzard – image from charlies bird blog hope he doesn’t mind

Monday 19th April – Gordon Brown announces that a Royal Navy Task Force of three warships, including the flagship of the fleet, HMS Ark Royal, will be dispatched to fetch some of the 150,000 British travellers stranded overseas. Telegraph

“Farmers in South Iceland are experiencing significant difficulties as a result of the Eyjafjallajökull eruption. There are great quantities of volcanic material in the atmosphere and ash deposits on the ground. There is also a risk of lowland flooding due to the volcanic activity being under the glacier.” – The Farmers Association of Iceland.

I feel so sorry for the Icelanders who are having to deal with this disaster while our governments seem to be more concerned by airport closures etc.