Lettuce Eat

We had a massive thunder storm yesterday with torrential rain and so the plot got a really good soaking. I went down this morning for a couple of hours and put in some plants and did a bit of weeding and tying up. Everything is growing well now and we have brought home quite a few of the salad leaves andĀ butterhead lettuce. The potatoes are looking good too with quite a few flowers appearing. I couldn’t wait and had to have a little feel around in the bags and bring home a small harvest of Sharps Express to put on our lamb chop dinner tonight. Jim gave us a lovely cabbage from his plot so that will also go on the plate tonight. Whilst I was weeding in the brassica tunnel I noticed small curds forming on the cauliflower plants so it wont be long before we shall be eating them. The warm wet weather is perfect for growing and it is very satisfying to see everything coming on so well.