New Home For The Call Ducks

I have made a big decision about the Call Ducks and  they are now living at Sandwell Valley Park Farm. I think it was the right decision for both me and them but it was heart breaking nevertheless. My original white pair Puddles and Jemima have been with us since June 2006. They were hatched here under a Pekin hen and then brought indoors to be reared on until they were strong enough to live in the garden. My son had moved back home at the same time and so as they were at first in the same room they imprinted on him and would follow him round the garden and even sleep on his lap. They eventually had a duckling, Mylie, and they all lived in the garden together in a large rabbit hutch with the run of the garden during the day.

In 2009 I hatched a clutch of eggs in the incubator. They were all sold except for Rosie who had become attached to Mylie. In 2010 I hatched three Apricot drakes and then the next clutch produced five ducks, four whites and one magpie. Out in the garden Puddles and Jemima hatched One white duck and one magpie drake while Rosie and Mylie had one white duck. All this new life meant that we had fifteen ducks in all, nine girls and six boys. Whilst this was a perfect group our garden was far from perfect for them and I made my decision to find them a home all together.

After a bit of work we were able to take them all to live at Sandwell Valley Park Farm. After a few anxious days and nights we were finally able to visit the farm and see the ducks in their new home. What a relief! The place is beautiful and best of all we met Sue, who is the lady looking after them. She couldn’t be more perfect. She obviously loves the animals and has an empathy with them that shines out. We call her Merriweather because she is our fairy godmother and has made it all ok.