Water water everywhere not a drop to drink

On Monday 12th September I noticed a bit of water bubbling up in the strawberry bed. As there had been a lot of work going on in the gully at the side of our property I rang South Staffs Water to investigate. They arrived on Tuesday by which time the water was spreading in the garden. He listened in at the inspection cover at the top of the drive, promptly said, it’s your water supply, not our problem and promised to arrange for plumbing contractors to ring with a quote.

I was worried, the insurance cover I used to have through SS Water had been cancelled. I rang my buildings and contents insurers, making sure to let them know that three weeks ago SS Water had turned off the supply in the street to replace old pipe work. They said they would send out their own contractors to inspect. Late on Thursday two chaps came out decided that the leak was under my kitchen sink, turned the water supply off and left. Up to this point at no time was there any indication that there was a leak under the sink. They refused to investigate further as the electric plug to the washer was in the kitchen cabinet.

We then spent six days without water and late on Tuesday two lovely electricians came and disconnected the electricity supply under the sink. We still had no water.

We were told that the next stage was that on the following Tuesday someone would arrive to dismantle the kitchen units to enable access. That meant another full week with no water. I rang the insurers and said NO! After lots of distressing phone calls they finally agreed to employ a different drainage contractor for a second opinion.

This morning, Thursday, the second opinion was that the first contractors had broken the stop cock connection under the sink whilst trying to turn off the water supply. Therefore we now did have a leak under the sink but not along the mains pipe, at the stop cock. This was fixed with no fuss and the original leak is now being investigated. We still have no water as yet. Watch this space.