Planting In Pots


Planting in pots gives you the freedom to change the position of plants around the garden. After flowering the containers can be moved out of view while the plants die back. I use a general purpose compost with a bit of sand and grit to improve drainage. Using pots this year also gives me a chance to let the garden evolve as I am making changes after neglecting it for the last few years. With the exception of one pot all of the containers I bought didn’t have drainage holes. I found it very difficult to make the holes without damaging the pot. I’m not handy with a drill so I eventually bought a small bradawl from Screwfix and did the best I could with that. I still found this job difficult. I am not as strong as I used to be so I should be very glad if pot manufacturers added drainage holes. The only one that did was from a company called Whitefurze, and they were the most expensive.

Water plants in containers regularly as they begin to grow, and continue throughout their flowering period. Once the foliage begins to die back you can gradually reduce watering as they enter their dormant period. Advice by Sue Sampson of Thompson and Morgan. I bought my new pots from T&M along with some plants that were on a special offer.