Calocephalus Challenge

I bought this plant today on impulse and after reading up on it I think it may be aptly named. It caught my eye initially because of its structure and colour, then the cephalus  element of it’s name intrigued me too.

Calosephalus Leucophyta brownii is endemic to the southern coast of Australia, occurring amongst sand dunes and in rock crevices in exposed coastal cliffs. It forms a small compact bush with striking silver foliage in a mass of tangled wiry branchlets. The leaves have been reduced to scale-like hairs that are aligned flat against the stems giving the plant a strange skeletal and ghost-like presence. In late spring and summer has a mass of silver button-like buds that open to small spherical yellow flowers. It prefers an alkaline and well-drained soil. It is a familiar   plant in New Zealand, Australia and California where it tolerates salt, severe winds, drought and mild frosts but its sensitivity to hard frosts has restricted its use somewhat in the UK . It is not completely hardy.

Definitely a challenge.