Delphinium Magic Fountain and Pacific Giant

Today, 23rd January, I have potted on the Delphinium Magic Fountain seedlings that have been overwintering on the window ledge. Five out of the six survived and I am hopeful that they will grow on until I can get them into the garden after the last frost. I can’t wait to see what colour they are. 29th April – I have lost the Magic Fountain to frost. I shall replace them on Sunday with a plant from the garden centre. I shall endeavour to find the same variety as they look lovely. Well, I popped to get some brassica seedlings this afternoon and spotted a Delphinium Magic Fountain White just sitting there waiting for me. It’s now sitting on my desk where it will be nurtured until all risk of frost is gone.

imagesDelphinium Magic Fountain is a lovely delphinium with a smaller more compact stature than some of the taller delphiniums. It is ideal for where space is at a premium, grows to a height of around 90cm. Because of its short stature and healthy thick stems, it does not require staking. It produces sturdy flower spikes throughout the summer. Blooming from June to September it is attractive to bees and is a wonderful cut flower.

Delphinium Pacific Giant.  A distinguished delphinium producing strong spikes of semi-double blooms in a dreamy blend of pink, lilac, purple, violet-blue, sky-blue and white. Delphinium Pacific Giants are excellent for cutting and add structure and presence to the back of cottage garden perennial borders.

The Pacific Giant were potted on at the same time as the Magic Fountain but two of these have survived the frost. The lesson here is that out of twelve seedling I only have two strong plants so I put them out to soon. They were very cheap though so I suppose you get what you pay for. Delphiniums are self seeding so I look forward to collecting my own seed eventually.

Delphinium Cultorum Magic Fountain White – bought today from Webbs of Wollaston for £2.00.