Verbena Bonariensis Lollipop


Like its parents, Verbena bonariensis Lollipop ,boasts the same tight clusters of floating purple flowers but has short, compact stems that reach only half the height. Well shaped, uniform plants with an open airy habit that attract butterflies to their glowing blooms from June to September. This hardy dwarf verbena is perfectly proportioned for patio pots and the front of borders where it creates a wonderful delicate airy effect. Seedlings and information from

Three of these seedlings have survived the winter but look quite straggly with only one strand each. I will research and see whether I should pinch out the growing tip or not. I have potted them on all together in a pint sized pot for now. Update October 2017 – These short compact flowers ended up at about eight feet tall. However, they are very beautiful and are still flowering now.