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Sweet Williams Crown Single

I have a soft spot for these common garden flowers. Sweet Williams grew at the back of my Nan and Granddad’s little old house and as they got older my Mom would buy a bunch for them from the market. As these flowers are biannual it looks like it might be next year before any flowers appear but once I get a patch going there should be a continual show. I intend to sow a few seeds early. I have a small tray with 36 tiny modules and I will sow half and half Didiscus and Sweet Williams. Apparently Sweet Williams belongs to the Dianthus family, Dianthus Barbatus. The small picture shows the spiky foliage of this tough little plant.

A hardy biannual variety of Sweet William that produces a profusion of flowers with a wide range of colours. These make a lovely cut flower. Sow the seeds in spring on the surface of moist compost in April to May and cover lightly with vermiculite.  Seal inside a propagator and keep warm.  Germination should take up to three weeks.