White Peony

Peonies, sometimes referred to as Paeonia are a luxury perennial plant which produces large flowers each year and actually increases the number of flowers it produces as the plants mature. One of the timeless delights of late spring and early summer, peonies become like old friends, utterly dependable and a joy to greet each year. From the moment the red shoots appear in late winter from the swelling of the flower buds and the explosion of flowering  through to the colourful autumn foliage, peonies have a worthy place in any garden.

I have never grown a Peony plant in my own garden but do have a memory of a deep burgundy one that grew year after year in my parents garden. It was beautiful though it had a tendency to flop over when the flowers were in full bloom. I have bought a bare root from Wilkinson’s. It is a pure white but has no variety name on it. It is already showing strong pink shoots so I need to organise somewhere to plant it very soon. I shall probably use a large planter so that I can keep it safe from the chickens while it is getting established. Update Friday 26th January – The Peony is in its pot. Planted as directed in rich compost with a sprinkle of plant food.