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1,789 One Months Dead!!!

The War Against Covid-19

NHS Frontline Workers

The first death reported in the UK was 6th March 2020. It is now the 31st of March and BBC news reported today that 1,789 have died as a result of this pandemic. The deaths, 393 in the last 24hours, include people in the age range 18 – 104. It is less than a month since our shores were invaded by the Coronavirus that causes the disease scientists have named COVID-19. So named because it was first isolated in China at the end of December 2019. China, Italy and now Spain are the worst-hit countries but it seems no-one is safe from this virus.

We are living through history in the making. Future generations will read about this episode in our history like we read about the 1918 Spanish Flu that wiped out millions during the period following the first World War.

Hopefully, just like then, we can rebuild society. Lessons have to be learned about preparedness. I am hoping that all governments worldwide will think anew and consider seriously what is important about how we live our lives and how we treat our planet. The main lesson, as I see it, is to learn just how quickly we can respond to a crisis when we have to but also to accept what a massive mistake it is to cut back on services crucial to the survival of mankind. If we can respond this quickly to this pandemic why not in peacetime. This war should be a game-changer.

Fear and sadness are the prevailing feelings all over the world.

Saturday 28th March 2020 Three Months AC

My plan today was not to mention the terrible situation that is life on Earth today but to add a few plants that I have got ready to plant out in the garden when the weather warms up a little more.

This morning I read an article that says it all. I am leaving the link here.

Potentilla Atrosanguinea – I bought this healthy little plant online from along with a few others. It’s a shrubby plant that bears red flowers during June and July. I look forward to seeing it thrive in my garden. I received the plant a couple of weeks ago and potted it on to grow a little before it goes outside. The foliage is very attractive and the plant looks sturdy and well worth the couple of pounds I paid for it.

Potentilla is a genus containing over 300 species of annual, biennial and perennial herbaceous flowering plants in the rose family, Rosaceae. They are usually called cinquefoils in English. Potentilla are generally only found throughout the northern continents of the world, though some may even be found in montane biomes of the New Guinea Highlands. wiki

Erysimum Red Jep and Yellow Bird – Today I have planted the two hardy perennial Wallflowers from secret. I already have a Bowles Mauve and an un-named yellow variety, both from cuttings gifted to me by my sister. I love them both and so when I saw these available for £1.99 each I jumped at the chance to add them to my collection. I already have a few roots of Wallflowers grown either from seed or bare roots and I am very fond of the genus.

Wallflower Persian Carpet

covid-19 The Pandemic

I have been told by my children not to dwell on yet another traumatic event that is happening in my life. However, as this is my diary, and that this ongoing event has significantly affected my life since February this year (2020), I feel it only right that I should include it in my diary.

I am seventy-five years old this year having been born in January 1945 and being fortunate in having been brought up in the post-war years. Although parents, uncles, aunts and grandparents were probably at the end of a terrible six years, as I child, I can remember no tales of wartime hardships and only have good memories of care and comfort. It is evident to me now that I and my peers were being protected from the horror that was World War II.

This Pandemic is my War. I have been using every method available to me to search and follow the global news as this pandemic evolves. This is one war I intend to know all about.

Today 24th March 2020 I have a new desktop computer as my old one has been out of action for some time. Writing my blog on my iPad hasn’t been so convenient so this is the first time I have been able to record the way I feel about the current tragedy. Me being me the best way to relieve stress is to write.

The whole scenario is playing out like the worst horror film ever. All over the world people are sick and dying. Yesterday, in my country, the UK, we have all been ordered to “Stay at home”. The Corona Virus, which causes COVID-19, a deadly disease that is new to the human race, is rampaging across the globe killing thousands. Modern medicine is useless against it and our health services are becoming overwhelmed by it.

If I believed in any God I could think of it as a cull. Clearing away the old and sick. Maybe its Mother Nature herself tidying up to clear the land of the weeds and to let the Earth breathe again eliminating the pollution caused by the human race. However, my rational self can see that it is what it is. A virus that has jumped from animals to humans and is causing havoc as it spreads. It is another in a long list of diseases that we have had to find a vaccine for. At present we have no medicine and no vaccine so our only defense is isolation.

Outside, Spring is filling the air with the scent of blossom, flowers are blooming, birds are singing and nest building. Nature is carrying on regardless and that is what the whole human race is trying to do. For those of us who survive the world is waiting.