1,789 One Months Dead!!!

The War Against Covid-19

NHS Frontline Workers

The first death reported in the UK was 6th March 2020. It is now the 31st of March and BBC news reported today that 1,789 have died as a result of this pandemic. The deaths, 393 in the last 24hours, include people in the age range 18 – 104. It is less than a month since our shores were invaded by the Coronavirus that causes the disease scientists have named COVID-19. So named because it was first isolated in China at the end of December 2019. China, Italy and now Spain are the worst-hit countries but it seems no-one is safe from this virus.

We are living through history in the making. Future generations will read about this episode in our history like we read about the 1918 Spanish Flu that wiped out millions during the period following the first World War.

Hopefully, just like then, we can rebuild society. Lessons have to be learned about preparedness. I am hoping that all governments worldwide will think anew and consider seriously what is important about how we live our lives and how we treat our planet. The main lesson, as I see it, is to learn just how quickly we can respond to a crisis when we have to but also to accept what a massive mistake it is to cut back on services crucial to the survival of mankind. If we can respond this quickly to this pandemic why not in peacetime. This war should be a game-changer.

Fear and sadness are the prevailing feelings all over the world.